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Why Train with AET?
Training crafted for maximum engagement & knowledge retention.

Professionally Designed

Our training courses are designed by medical professionals and educational experts. Best practices are key to our training to ensure our candidates provide the best medical assessment and care for the injured or ill patient. Better to be trained by the real life experts than any other teacher.

Consistency in Training

Our course candidates benefit from instructors that perform best patient care practices in their daily  regular prehospital work which ensures consistency between all courses and instructors. Instructors also are required to keep current with annual CME and regular audits to ensure courses use both latest medical and educational delivery.

Improved Outcomes

We strive to maintain our candidates long term retention and confidence thru improved learning outcomes and cost-efficiency. This is achieved using blended training models, current medical standards, and latest educational techniques with digital workbooks.

Courses & Programs

AET is your premium Canadian safety training provider

Flu Shot

PCP Paramedic Training

Recognized EMALB training for British Columbia

Medicine Kit

Welcome to BC's Premium Safety Training Institution

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