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About the Course

Instructor Course - First Aid & CPR

The First Aid & CPR Instructor course teaches candidates introductory aspects on how people learn, various teaching strategies used to instruct and techniques for evaluation in first aid. Candidates also learn about long-range/short-term planning, class management, safety supervision and the principles of evaluation.

Upon completion of the course, candidates will have the program knowledge and skills necessary to teach the following:

  • CPR Level A, B, C and CPR-HCP

  • Emergency First Aid

  • Standard First Aid

  • AED

The course will cover instructional topics including:

  • First Aid Program Administration & Use of Instructional/Candidate Materials

  • How People Learn

  • Teaching Methodology

  • Course Planning (long-term and short-term lesson planning)

  • Class Safety & Supervision

  • Effective Feedback

  • Evaluation

An e-textbook is included in this course. You will be required to download the training material on-line.

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