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CPR Pocket Mask with O2 Port & Case

The FERNO2™ CPR Mask is ready to use right out of its rugged storage case. The latex-free mask comes complete with filtered inlet valve, O2 inlet port and head strap. The FERNO2™ CPR Mask is a reusable mask used for mouth to mask ventilation.

Wool-Blend Blanket

Ferno blankets are constructed from the finest quality materials to withstand years of hard use. The Model 354 Wool Blend Blanket is made of 70% wool and 30% synthetic fibers.

Wizloc Cervical Collar 3 pack

With its 3-step adjustment, application is fast regardless of patient position. The unique self-centering mandibular support allows

you to custom fit the WizLoc to the

patient. A simple adjustment to the

occipital support also accommodates

all ends of the sizing spectrum.

The WizLoc gives you greater

control, greater patient comfort,

and a better fit, which means safer

conditions for the patient.


ScoopEXL Stretcher

Ferno’s Scoop EXL Stretcher provides superior comfort and safety to patients who need spinal immobilization. The Scoop EXL eliminates the need for log-roll maneuvers, which significantly decreases movement to the cervical spine. The ScoopEXL is made from X-ray translucent, lightweight, high-impact composite materials. The two hinged, interlocking pieces allow operators to bring the two halves together beneath the patient and gently scoop them up.




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Pocket Mask




FERNO Universal Head Immobilizer

Simple to use, lightweight and easy to clean. Composed of two plastic-coated, closed-cell foam head supports, a universal attachment base and two durable head straps.

Base plate fits all Ferno

wooden, aluminum and

plastic backboards. Head

supports can be used on

standard backboards, or

turned around for use on

the Scoop Stretcher.


Gazelle Stretcher, Regular

The Gazelle Series Basket Stretchers include three distinct versions in an all-carbon-steel, MIG welded frame construction. All three rely on its frame geometry, construction methods and materials for its ultimate strength.