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Paramedic in Industry

4 Hours


Paramedic in Industry has been designed for Paramedics working in the field who require a valid OFA Level 3 ticket or equivalent, without them having to take the full 2 week course. PCP in Industry offers review and practice of the skills of a Level 3 attendant so the paramedic safely and legally can work under WorkSafeBC regulations.  


Recommended for 

Paramedics looking to work as an AFA/OFA 3 level attendant.



Priority Action Approach For Walk In Patients, Minor Wounds, Sprains & Strains, Eye Injuries and Examination, Activity Related Soft Tissue Disorders, First Aid Record, Referral to Medical Aid



Valid EMR, PCP, ACP or CCP EMA License in BC



$150 plus tax



Professional courses


Course Delivery:


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Pre-reading and workbook required!!

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