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eLearning is the use of technology to allow people to learn anytime, at any location and at their own pace. Studies have shown that participants in online courses learn as effectively and in some case, more effectively than those in classroom courses.


The Academy of Emergency Training offers two approaches to eLearning - online training and blended training.


1. Online Training - course participants take their entire program online.

2. Blended Training - course participants take one component of their training online and when successfully completed, they attend a classroom session to practice and confirm skill abilities for an instructor.

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•  Learning is self-paced

•  Accommodates multiple learning styles



•  Participants can take the program anytime or anywhere

•  Online training does not require physcial attendance


Save Time & Money

•  Less time away from office & family

•  Participants can speed up or slow down training as required

   travel time, meals and costs are reduced or eliminated

•  Easy tracking of completion


Higher Retention

•  Retention is frequently better than in the classroom

•  Materials can be reviewed at any time

•  Less intimidating than classroom training with peers



•  Same course content is delivered to all participants

•  Content can be updated easily

Advantages of eLearning

Steps 1-3

Register for your online component and take the training whenever it suits your schedule. Print your certificate and you are done!

If your course is "Blended", schedule some time that works in your schedule to meet with our instructors and practice the course skills.

Have one of our instructors evaluate you with a skill checklist and issue you a course certificate.