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Learn To Swim Instructor


The Learn to Swim Instructor course is for those who wish to enter the exciting world of aquatic instruction. This program focuses on the art of teaching the skills of swimming and safety in aquatics. At the successful conclusion of this program, candidates will be able to teach aquatic courses to the public such as water babies, parent and tot, preschool, school age and adult lessons.





The objective of the ASPIRE program is to build the level of professionalism of supervisors and managers within Parks and Recreation, with specific emphasis on leadership components. The sessions are designed to have an immediate positive impact on leadership behaviors of managers and supervisors. It can also allow the new supervisor the leadership skills necessary to hit the ground running!



In-Service Training


Effective lifeguard in-service training integrates experience, judgement and rescue skills into a lifeguards drowning prevention continuum. Quality in-service training is an important aspect and expectation of working in the professional aquatic environment. The in-service also gives supervisors the opportunity to present updated information, facility specific considerations and identify areas of performance challenges. This opportunity to review rules and policies, work with facility equipment and practice team emergency response is invaluable. We have seen in the aquatic community that regular skill practice helps build retention and confidence in individuals and their team during emergency responses. The Academy of Emergency Training offers your facility the ability for a one-stop institute by selecting modules which will keep your staff training focused, current and within budget.




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